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Sri Lanka Diving in hikkaduwa

Best Diving in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka




Single Dive With equipment 40
Two or more dives With equipment 35
5 Dives With equipment 165
10 Dives With equipment 330
Single Dive With own equipment 30
5 Dives With own equipment 140
10 Dives With own equipment 280
Discover Scuba Diving (2 hour) One 2 meter dive + one 12 meter dive 75
Discover Scuba Diving (1 day) One 2 meter dive + two 12 meter dives 100
PADI Scuba Review 1 review dive 40
PADI Scuba Diver 2-3 days/2 dives max depth 12 meter 244
PADI Open Water 3-5 days/ 4 dives max depth 18 meter 375
PADI Advanced Open Water 2 days/ 5 days max depth 30 meter 310
PADI Rescue Diver 3 days 415
Emergency First Response 1 day / First aid and CPR 165
PADI Dive master On request On request
Dive computer 7
Logbook 7
Snorkeling Equipment 5
Snorkeling Guide Max. 2 Pax 10


Kirala Gala

One of the best dive sites in the area, this deep dive is only 15 minutes from the dive school. The pinnacle begins at 20m, descending to 40m, and is surrounded by numerous shoals of fish, attracted by the beautiful soft coral. Look out for the huge shoal of red tooth triggerfish, our resident barracuda pack and the cluster of oriental sweetlips and schooling bannerfish near the base of the pinnacle, and the ever present morays. There’s something for everyone at Kirala Gala, and in the right season you’ll even see mantas and whale sharks cruise by.


Conch Wreck

The wreck of one of the world’s first oil tankers, the Conch, can be found 20 minutes from the school. Ranging in depth from 14 to 20m, this site is suitable for all levels. Parts of the wreck are scattered across the sea bed, whilst others remain where they sank, including the huge oil tanks themselves. Highlights include cuttlefish, titan triggerfish and the large grouper inside the wreck.


Goda Gala

The landscape of this site reminds divers of some alien planet, with large boulders littering the seabed. At a maximum depth of 24m, Goda Gala is fun for all, with plenty of blue boxfish, morays, lobsters and all the usual suspects to look out for. Only a 15 minute boat ride, Goda Gala is a regular dive spot for the school.


Ralahamigala Rock

This site is in the close proximity to Godagala rock. This site is also full of big tropical fish like moray eels, snappers, barracuda, and also octopus, turtles, lobsters and various varieties of ornamental fish. Apart from this natural creations like coral reefs and boulders can be seen underneath the water.

Wreck of Ship Earl of Shaftsbury

An English ship sank in the year 1847 (one piece) a site worth watching because of the historical value. The area is studded with beautiful corals grown over last few centuries. Full of tropical fish such as rays and barracuda. It is just 15 minutes boat ride from the school and the maximum diving depth is 15 meters.


Black Coral Point

One of the most gorgeous sites to dive. The beautiful corals of many and vivid colours are majestically standing along the coral reef. Fish of many varieties such as clown fish, angel fish, and snappers and “Black Corals” can be seen.


Coral Garden Cave

A natural Stone Cave underneath the water created by boulders of the sea bed. The area is full of corals like many varieties of flowers in the garden. The marine life contains many varieties of fish including turtles.

Seenigama Rock

This site covered with beautiful coloured corals by nature, which is fantastically shaped. Full of marine life, big fish such as barracuda, moray eel, rays etc. Underneath the water the corals of various colours can be seen in its own splendor.

Hikkaduwa Gala Rock

In this site, the art of dive is deep rift dive. This area is covered with broad legendary Hikkaduwa Coral Reef which is worldwide known for it’s most sophisticated and colourful coral beds. Marine life and tropical water fish such as barracuda, snappers, blotched, lobsters, rays swim through the corals in crystal clear water.


Yakamuththagala Rock

“The rock of grand demon” in Sinhala is full of corals and colourful fish underneath rifted barriers and rocks could be seen.


Kadwaragala Rock

This rock is named after the legendry God “Kadawara” who can influence the good as well as evil to anyone’s life according to the merits or acts he or she may create. It is being said that God “Kadawara” sailed to Sri Lanka in a stone boat and landed near this rock. These are part of the legendry Hikkaduwa reef and barrier and as in the other places full of corals and marine life.

Sunil’s Rock

Sunil’s rock located close to great Hikkaduwa coral reef, provides some mature wonders like caves oriented in the sea bed with caves for divers. As nature has entrusted in this area a diver may sea lion fish, grouper, and soft corals. A site worthwhile to dive.

Other Dive Sites

Southern Coast


A wonderful site to dive. This is a point where waves break, a diver may feel just beneath the surface of the water, where a diver will gain some exciting experience. Marine life and corals are common than the other areas.
Travelling time – 01 hour
Diving Depth – 01-20 meters


A site where some of the wrecks of ships could be seen. The area is surrounded by tropical fish and corals. A site worthwhile to watch for divers who love and like sea life. This is also an area where some wonderful kinds of marine creatures such as dolphins, big groupers could be seen.
Travelling time – 45 minutes
Diving Depth – 02-28 meters


A steam ship that sank a few decades ago. The wreck of the ship can still be seen in the site as dark and gloom patches. Full of natural creations of marine life and tropical fish. A site where nature lovers should dive and watch for its splendor and gorgeous gift of the nature.
Travelling time – 45 minutes
Diving Depth – 05 -13 meters

Wreck Ethophy

“Ethophy” a cargo ship that sank in 1977. Two pieces of wrecks and the big engine of the vessel submerged around the site. This is one of the ships sank recently in the legacy of more than twenty centuries of marine trade and seafaring full of corals and marine life.
Travelling time – 01 hour
Diving Depth – 15-16 meters

Wreck of Rangoon

Another vessel sank a few decades ago. Area is full of marine life. Divers may come across naturally oriented corals underneath sea beds. Any nature lover would dive for the second time if he has already dived.
Travelling time – 02 hours
Diving Depth – 20-33 meters

Best Places in Sri Lanka to Diving

Diving is one of the best ways to escape the tiresome everyday life. Sri Lanka, being an island bathing the warm currents of the Indian Ocean is an amazing diving destination. If you are planning to dive in Sri Lanka, you must be aware of the monsoon seasons as it differs from one end of the island to the other. The best time for diving the west and the south-west coast is from October to May, and the best time to dive the north-east coast is from May to October. The following are some of the best places to dive in Sri Lanka;

• Unawatuna

Unawatuna is the first of all the places on the island to have both a proper PADI dive centre and a decent PADI Training centre. You can enjoy scuba diving by examining the deep blue water under the sea.

• Negombo

Negombo is one of the best places to dive, which is just only 35km away from Colombo. There are two dive locations in Negombo, the closer dive sites which are about 5 to 8km away from the shore and the deeper ones which are about 22km away.

• Mirissa

Mirissa along with its popularity for whale watching now is even more popular with scuba diving where you can explore the marine life without any trouble. With PADI diving and training centres diving is much easier to be learnt. There are ten diving spots in Mirissa.

• Bentota

No diver will ever miss the Canoe rock dive site in Bentota. Every diver is eager to explore this part of the ocean. Bentota will give you access to the Beruwela diving site too.

• Weligama

The Weligama bay is jus only a few hours away from Galle where you can find a shallow coral reef, underwater rock formations and many kinds of marine life. Many divers are visiting Weligama to explore these beautiful creations of nature. The dive sites In Weligama are about 15 to 25m deep.

If you are hoping to explore the secrets of the oceans, the above are some places which might give you a good start. Take a break from your everyday routine and enjoy diving which touches your soul.

variable speed pool pump
Our well trained and experienced staff use the latest equipment to make your diving experience a good one. The director R.K Somadasa de Silva (or Somey as he is commonly known) is well reputed in the region as a commercial and professional diver. He has over 30 years of experience in the diving industry and is qualified both as a UDI/CMAS instructor and a PADI assistant instructor, with more than 500 foreign students to his credit and innumerable local divers. In addition to teaching, Somey is qualified as a commercial diver and has worked on a number of underwater construction projects, both for private and government institutions. The school is now managed by Somey's beloved son Sachin (Another great diver of course!) who has great implemented plans to improve your diving experience.

Obviously Somey is not the only member of staff. The two divemasters, Ishan and Dharshana, are both PADI assistant instructors and have many thousands of dives in their logbooks, having been diving here for over 10 years. Our chief boatman, Sarath, is both certified by the Sri Lanka Port Authority and very experienced on the open seas (we swear he uses natural GPS!). As well as these friendly and experienced fellows we have a number of other dive guides and boatmen, all keen to help you enjoy your dives.

As a family run operation, the International Diving School is well known for its welcoming nature and many of our customers return time after time, becoming friends within a few dives. So come diving with Somey and the team at the International Diving School, Hikkaduwa and prepare to dive here again and again.
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Learn to dive with Somey and his staff

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